Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry xmas and goodbye.. ;)


With bags packed and the best xmas ever behind me (now know what it is like to have an actual family) I'd like to wish you all a very merry xmas although it's almost over (but never too late) :)

I am off to Ireland starting tomorrow. It's been 3 whole years since I've last seen the place i call home and i cannot express in words how much i miss it. Probably I am luckiest person on earth right now. I will be back on January 12th - with a massive post about Ireland (or lots of different posts about Ireland)

PS: it really annoys me to see how people are moaning about not getting an i phone or a car or write posts like " i hate christmas " ... i cannot believe words like this are written by people who have a lovely family, girlfriend or boyfriend, great friends, a good job etc etc... some people have NO IDEA about what is important and that the best things in life are free but not to be taken for granted. On christmas my friend and me have been driving into the city bringing clothes,chocolate and other things to people in need. Where will this world go if everyone stops caring? People seriously need to wake up and stop being so selfish and arrogant and over all: ignorant. I love this world but it hurts me to see how s t u p i d people can actually be...take your time and think about it next time you see a homeless.

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