Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hometown Glory: Erfurt

This was my day. I had yesterday off and decided I want to be on my own and go through the city to see what the day brings. I love doing this, you never know what can happen, all you have to be is open minded. So i packed my camera, some water and some books (which I did not need, it was exciting enough) and went for it.
...I bought some new shoes which I've wanted for a very long time...
...I went into a church to see what it looks like but there was a divine service taking place at that time. Actually i joined them because it was very..modern..they were playing guitar, singing beautiful songs. Can already see myself there more often...
...Had lunch in a chinese restaurant with a stranger because it was the only free table
...Sat down on the river watching the people there, found myself in a conversation with a stranger later on which i enjoyed so much. I think we talked about one hour or more and in the end we could not even say we are still strangers.
...Listened to the story of a begglar although some people tried to tell him off as he was looking sort of dangerous but i told them that everyone deserves to be listened to, no matter what, but unfortunately this world has lack of humanity, as sad as it is.
...spend 7 hours in the sun
...1000x Smiles given back to me :-) ( It is true, you get what you give )


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  1. Uiii... :D

    Was philosophishes für dich, meine Liebste! <3